Just Passing Through: Clarksville, Tennessee

Clarksville TN
Clarksville, TN

 Yesterday we arrived, tomorrow we depart, so there hasn’t been much time to do much besides take a quick breather and do some planning. We’re heading to South Dakota to get our Driver’s License as part of declaring SD our domicile state – and we’re in a hurry. Winter is Coming.

No really, winter REALLY is coming and we’re heading north Beyond the Wall (according to Dave, I-40 is THE WALL). All right, I’ll stop making references to Game of Thrones…

During the day we’ve had gorgeous weather, but it’s dipped into freezing temperatures the last few nights here and at our previous stop. We made a last minute run out tonight to Home Depot to create some make-shift insulation to add to our large bedroom window. If it works, I’ll explain in detail what we did. If it doesn’t, well, let’s just hope it works. I’d like to sleep through the night and not feel like there is a Dementor trying to sneak in beneath the window.

We only have one more week of total craziness with our fast travel pace, and then we will finally take a much needed rest. After we complete our tasks in South Dakota, we haven’t decided where to go next. Apparently though, it will need to be some place warmer! We began downsizing in July and have been moving at a rapid-fire pace since then and I am exhausted. Dave is exhausted. I don’t really care where we go after South Dakota as long as we can stay there a week and catch up on some food, sleep, and rest.

Though tiring, the last few days have also felt like breath of fresh air. I love being near the ocean. I love being in the mountains. And I LOVE a wide open big beautiful blue sky! As we left the mountainous area of North Carolina and Tennessee and entered flatter land and open views, it felt amazing – like a weight was being lifted from my shoulders. Apparently, I love change. Me?! It’s fun learning things about yourself at 40!

Asheville Snowmageddon 2015

Sometimes it’s hard to remember, technically, we still live in the South. Especially after waking to see 5 inches of snow outside. At least we finally have a snow shovel, which by the way, is much more efficient for shoveling snow than a garden spade (which is what we used the last two times we had to shovel).
Asheville 2015 Home

This was the view from our front door. Not too shabby, eh?
Asheville 2015 Pisgah National Forest

Frodo of course, LOVES the snow.
Snow Joy

For playing… and eating. Apparently snow tastes good!
Catch a Snowflake

Asheville Ice Day 2015 and Silly Dog Tricks

Nothing slows down Frodo when he wants to play fetch. Ice is no match! That isn’t snow in the photo, it’s ice. Ice-covered steps… that have temporarily been converted to an ice-ramp.

Fetch on Ice
Going for a Walk
Testing the ice…
Testing the Ice
Yep, it’s cold today!
It's Cold
Frodo’s balance on ice was so impressive, we made him do tricks. And, I just learned how to make Animated GIFs. I’m sorry.
Tricks on Ice