Arrival in Las Cruces, New Mexico

Today we left Tucumcari, New Mexico and planned a short drive to Carrizozo. Once we arrived there however, we changed our minds and simply continued South to Las Cruces.

New Mexico

We knew we were cutting it short, planning to arrive in Las Cruces just as the sun was setting (never really ideal), but it worked out perfectly.

Today’s drive was better than any movie. Between the mountains and the clouds, it was simply breathtaking. I took a few photos knowing that nothing could replicate what I was seeing, and this is the best photo from the day.

Beautiful Day in New Mexico

I look forward to learning about the area, it’s history, and exploring the landscape!

Resting in Tucumcari, New Mexico

Oh how I’ve missed this.

Dave Practicing Keyboard

Yes, we have downsized to living in a 30-foot travel trailer and a truck. But we haven’t given up everything.

With selling our house, moving into the RV, and racing to South Dakota to establish our domicile, then racing southward as fast as possible to escape freezing temperatures – this is the first time in close to three months Dave has had a chance to practice. He’s missed it. I’ve missed it.

We’re in Tucumcari, New Mexico where it is 82 Degrees and Sunny, with 15% humidity. Tomorrow we travel again (and face a cold font brining in colder temperatures). It was time to break out the keyboard and play a little. Life is good!

Tucumcari, New Mexico on Route 66: The Land Time Forgot (and a Truck/RV Wash)

We started the day in Amarillo, Texas.

Our truck and RV were desperately in need of being washed, so we planned only a short drive today because we didn’t know how long that would take. Blue Beacon Truck wash is handy for RV’ers because you can keep your vehicles hitched together and run them through as though it was an automatic car wash, but there are people managing the sprayers. That’s very useful because you can also let them know to avoid spraying directly near the window seals, or any area of your rig that is particularly sensitive.

The wait time took about an hour, during which you stay in your vehicle and you’re sandwiched between semi-trucks, so the decision for the wash is a committed one! While we waited we watched the ducks swimming in some nearby water (they are hard to see in this photo, but they’re there).

While the truck was being washed it got quite loud, and Frodo was a little concerned. He was basically okay, but I’d recommend if you are traveling with a dog who does not handle loud noises well, or is scared of thunder, you may want to walk your dog during the actual washing of your vehicle to keep your pup happy.

As far as our experience with Blue Beacon, it was definitely a good one. They did a great job and now our rig is shiny and pretty again (and no longer smelly)! The running boards and wheel wells were caked with muck and both are completely clean now. I’m happy!

By the time we had both vehicles clean, it was time for lunch and we hadn’t even traveled more than a few miles. It was a great day to plan a short migration path!

It wasn’t long before we passed through the “Welcome to New Mexico” sign and discovered Tucumcari, New Mexico on Route 66.
Palomino Motel

Most business here look like they have slept through the last few decades. It’s a little on the eerie side, but also quite cool.


Check out that car in the front of the Blue Swallow Motel!

Blue Swallow Motel

And there was this…

Tucumcari Inn

And this… (this appeared to be free-standing art work, not related to the nearby businesses).

RV Park

Tucumcari, New Mexico: Route 66 – I was here.

Route 66 - I Was Here