On a Cold Winter’s Day

It was cold today. I mean, really, really cold. I wanted to take my camera outside to play, but it was so cold, I realized I needed to Google for minimum operating temperatures for my camera – which means – what on earth was I thinking?

Back up. It was NOT time to go outside. No, it was time to stay inside, and snuggle with my dog. He’s a pro at snuggling, see? Perhaps, it was also a good time to play with Photoshop…

Frodo ChillingNo animals were harmed in the post-processing of this photo. 

I Feel Fantastic

Some moments in our life have music attached. Like this one. My husband fills my life with lots of laughter, and I love when I’m quick enough to capture it on camera!
I Feel FantasticWhen you hear this song (and watch the video), you’ll understand. I Feel Fantastic, by Jonathan Coulton – performed in American Sign Language by CaptainValor.

2014: A Year in Review (Photo Journal)

When you have two photography enthusiasts in one household, you end up with a lot of photos.  2014 is ending, leaving me with over 1000 photos in my Lightroom archives and that’s just the photos I kept. Most of what I take ends up in the trash bin. And of course, that’s just me – this doesn’t include the photos Dave takes as well! However Dave is more judicious with his shutter button, so he doesn’t have to hit ‘delete’ as often as I do.

With all these photos locked away in our computers, I thought it would be interesting to share some of our best photos from the year, but I wanted to keep the list to TEN. Do you have any idea how difficult that was? I see some interesting “Throwback Thursday” posts in my future where I intend to sneak some more in, but for the Top 10…. here they are:

March 29, 2014
March 29, 2014: Sharon, with a camera in hand (of course)! Photo taken by Dave.

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