They Say it’s my Birthday…

Life Level Up!Do you know what the best part of any game is? Leveling Up!

As you play a game you get to learn what works best to achieve your goal, maybe learn some hacks along the way to make things easier, and all in all, have fun.

Conversely, End Game is the most boring part of any game. You’ve finished the game – congratulations! Now what? Most people will start a new game and go through the same process all over, sometimes rushing through the leveling process again, forgetting that leveling is what it’s all about.

Just like life.

Life is a journey, not a destination. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Take your time. Enjoy the leveling up process. 

P.S. This photo was taken several months ago, by me, with a 35mm lens, camera held backwards. I’m having fun leveling up my Photography skills – no one said you had to do things just like everyone else!

This post is brought to you from Yuma, Arizona

Aging is a Bad Habit (The Power of Inertia)

Aging DefinedYear after year, we enable our body to age. We are in fact, enablers.

We are creatures of habit, and many of us tend to seek the path of least-resistance. It’s simply human nature. So each day, we go about our pattern of preparing to face the day, earn an income, and shield ourselves from the battery of the world. And each day, we push ourselves a little less – because it’s easier. We’re tired. Life is tiring. And our minds, they play tricks on us. Our brain wants us to conserve energy, you know, in case of emergency.

When you push yourself, you may notice the inertia of the challenge – physical or mental – gives you more energy. It takes energy to create energy, but it’s interesting to note – you can fake this part. You can pretend you have energy, and just make yourself DO something a little extra. Remember, your lack of energy is just your brain playing a game – and winning.

When was the last time you stretched? I mean, REALLY stretched? Can you touch your toes? When was the last time you tried? The more you do now, the more you will be able to do later (physically and mentally). You know, a few years from now when you’re a few years….older.

Here’s the thing. If you just go about your day, doing what the same thing you did today that you did yesterday – you will be able to do less later on. Yes, aging is biological, but it’s also mental, and partially habitual.

What kind of aging habits have you created?

Don’t forget! Life is a game – that means plenty of opportunities to level up. 🙂