The Toothpaste Experiment

Spider-Man ExperimentThe subject of “eating” toothpaste came up in our house this morning. The reason why isn’t important, but what happened afterward, is…

Dave said to me, “I remember eating toothpaste as a child once. There was a series of events that led up to this.” At this point, he had to wait for me to stop laughing hysterically before he could continue.

Here were the “series of events” that led up to my husband eating toothpaste at some point in his childhood:

1. Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider and then became Spider-Man
Yes, okay, I’m up to date on my Spider-Man knowledge. Keep going…

2. Fluoride is slightly radioactive
Wait. He was old enough to know this (who knows things like this?), but not old enough to know that eating toothpaste wouldn’t turn him into Spider-Man? I question this logic.

3. Toothpaste has Fluoride
I see where we’re going here…

4. Therefore, Dave chose to eat toothpaste
My husband is, and always been… very logical.

Caption This!

After reviewing my photos from today, I found this one:Caption This

And honestly, I have no idea what we were talking about when I took this shot. It could have been something like this:

A) Did I leave the gas on?
B) What happened to my Space Engineers Miner and why did it disappear?
C) Where did Jared Polin get his Wookie jacket, and how do I get one?

Or it could have been something else entirely unrelated to any of the above.

What would YOU caption this shot?!

P.S. Dave’s shirt says:
Fibonacci Easy as 1,1,2,3. So maybe it was about his Space Engineers Miner…

On a Cold Winter’s Day

It was cold today. I mean, really, really cold. I wanted to take my camera outside to play, but it was so cold, I realized I needed to Google for minimum operating temperatures for my camera – which means – what on earth was I thinking?

Back up. It was NOT time to go outside. No, it was time to stay inside, and snuggle with my dog. He’s a pro at snuggling, see? Perhaps, it was also a good time to play with Photoshop…

Frodo ChillingNo animals were harmed in the post-processing of this photo. 

I Feel Fantastic

Some moments in our life have music attached. Like this one. My husband fills my life with lots of laughter, and I love when I’m quick enough to capture it on camera!
I Feel FantasticWhen you hear this song (and watch the video), you’ll understand. I Feel Fantastic, by Jonathan Coulton – performed in American Sign Language by CaptainValor.

Wool Dryer Balls – As Dog Toys?

Static – please, please go away! Yes, it’s winter. I know. But I can’t stand stiff, static-filled clothing. Since most dryer sheets aren’t safe for those of us lucky individuals with a corn-allergy (ahem), we just kind of live with the static.

Wool Dryer Balls

I was aware of dryer balls as a concept but hadn’t tried them, and besides, I thought they only came in plastic. Since I wasn’t eager to listen to non-stop thumping, I’ve ignored that option. As it turns out, dryer balls are also available in WOOL! The dryer balls are JUST wool – nothing else. Since I have no issues with wool sensitivity, I thought we’d give them a try.

When we opened the package, our dog Frodo perked up, and went into his little beggar’s stance. He WANTED what was in the package. Dave held up one of the dryer balls so Frodo could smell it, and that’s all it took. He kind of went nuts. It’s a little tough to see in the picture, but he rubbed it all over his head. Really, he is a very intelligent dog, you’ll just have to take my word for it.

The joy of a new toy

So of course, being good doggie parents, we let him have one to play with – I mean, it can’t be any worse than the polyfill he ends up eating from his toys.

Wool Balls as a Dog Toy

So far, Frodo hasn’t managed to ingest any of the wool, so it’s already lasted longer than most of his stuffed toys – and he still totally digs it! I much prefer throwing a wool ball around the house for him to fetch than a tennis ball, so I’m a little excited he is so happy about his new “toy”.

And as far as what we purchased them for? Yes, they do actually reduce static and make clothes dry a little faster! So yes, we’re giving 4 paws up for Wool Dryer Balls in our house house!