The Flight of the Bumblebee…

Caught my attention…

Flight of the BumblebeeI was on my way to photograph flowers in bloom in our yard, and did not have my camera settings prepared for an action shot. So this is what they call a “lucky capture”! Thank you Mr. Bumblebee for holding still an extra second longer!

And I must say, I’m ever grateful for Google Image Search. My intention today was Flower-Indentification – and I did it! Today I learned, these flowers are Azaleas! The pink ones above aren’t doing so well and I’m not sure why exactly, but the red ones below are quite healthy and happy.

Azaleas in BloomHappy Spring!

Spring Has Sprung!

Spring FlowerThis was an unexpected surprise this morning! Spring had made an appearance in our yard! It baffles me how a flower can appear overnight where there was nothing but a green stalk the day before.

Do I need to know what this flower is to keep it alive? Do zombie plants perennials need any special attention or do they just sort of take care of themselves?