Counting My Blessings…

Sharon and Pam

I know… it’s rare for a photo of ME to be on this site, but that’s because I’m usually the one behind the camera! I love this photo of me with my Mom-in-Law. And of course, I love her – she’s awesome beyond words – and she gave me Dave!

Sharon, Dave and Pam

It was wonderful to have her stay with us and get a chance to just sit, have some coffee, and talk. Some things in life simply can’t be quantified. I’m very blessed, and I know it.

On a Clear Day, You Can See Forever!

My beautiful Mother-in-Law is visiting, yay! It’s been fun taking her around our area and sharing our forest with her.

At One with Nature

Today the weather was beautiful so we got to visit the Blue Ridge Parkway. Here we are at Chestnut Cove, elevation three thousand feet!

Pam at Blue Ridge ParkwayDid I mention the weather was beautiful?!

Clear Day

I’m so grateful to have this amazing woman in my life!