Holiday Book Sale Madness

Oops, I did it again.


Apparently I can’t be trusted when it comes to book sales. To be fair though, part my recent book buying binge is because of Mollie Reads since she recently featured her favorite books on editing. And then Black Friday happened! I tripped over a coupon code to save money on paper books (my weakness), and now it’s Cyber Monday!

Between the major sale at Book Outlet, and today’s deals on Amazon, I’m lost. I’ll be swimming in books come December, but I think that’s a good thing. In fact, I think it’s a fantastic thing.

I took a few minutes to give a quick update on Youtube that you can watch here. What about you? Are you making good use of all the book sales?

Britt-Marie Was Here | Book Review + Recommendations

On Friday I mentioned that one of my Weekend Reads was Britt-Marie Was Here by Fredrik Backman. I finished reading it last night and was tempted to go ahead and record my reaction then, but it’s a good thing I didn’t because I was half-asleep and it probably wouldn’t have made much sense.


I’m still much more comfortable writing reviews rather than speaking them, but I’d really like to get used to speaking on the fly more so I’m using Youtube to become more acquainted with just throwing the words out and attempting to get them to line up in the right order. Preferably the first time rather than the twentieth.

I really loved Britt-Marie Was Here and my review thoughts are now available now on Youtube, as well as some book recommendations! Click Here to see what I’ve got to say.

Nonfiction November Book Recommendation #2

Nonfiction November is still underway! So it’s time for another Nonfiction Book Recommendation.


I read quite a bit of nonfiction and enjoyed making this video to share my thoughts. What do you think of seeing book recommendations on Youtube?

If you like the video, please give it a “thumbs up” and subscribe! Click Here to get the latest book recommendation.

Book of the Month Unboxing November 2016

My first Book of the Month subscription box arrived and I am absolutely thrilled with what I received!


I have been interested in book-related subscription boxes for quite a while but haven’t signed up for any of them because in the end, I don’t think they’re worth it. Book of the Month is absolutely worth it and I share why in the video.

For any of you who already get BOTM, which book(s) did you select for the month of November?

P.S. Any fellow Booktubers out there? I’m still new to Booktube and would love to meet more of you and see your channels!

Why I Hated Good as Gone by Amy Gentry

Well, this is a first for me.


I know that Good as Gone by Amy Gentry has some really glowing reviews, so my opinion isn’t the majority. But, it would feel really odd to simply ignore this one on my Goodreads account so along with the 1-star review there, I wanted to talk about WHY I hated this book so much.

If you watch my video and have read the book, I’d love to know what YOU think about the book!

Library Sale Book Haul | November 2016

It was a gorgeous day in Tallahassee for an outdoor book sale. So of course, I had to go…


The sheer volume of books they had was pretty overwhelming. I could probably have spent about three hours looking, so it was almost a good thing that free parking was only one hour. Sometimes limits can be a good! Or I can at least pretend…

Either way, this turned out to be a fun vlog so feel free to check out what I got!


Talking Books on Youtube (Yay for Booktube)

You’ve heard of Youtube, but have you heard of Booktube?


Not familiar with the term? I’ve been using the phrase for so long it’s hard to remember a time when I didn’t know about it, but I know it’s still not commonly used. So… let me explain.

It’s really, really simple. Do you ever watch someone on Youtube who has a channel focused on one particular topic, such as fashion, or makeup? Well, how about a channel dedicated to talking about books? See where I’m going? Welcome to the concept that is Booktube!

I’ve wanted to have a dedicated space on Youtube for years to join the book related conversations that happen and finally jumped in the water.

Here is my New to Youtube introduction video! If you want to follow my videos on the channel directly, just head over to and subscribe.

Are you on Booktube? Let me know, I’d love to check out your channel!