Goodnight Moon

Frodo loves his bedtime routine. Last night I was taking too long so he grabbed his bedtime toy and began to nudge me along. He made it clear, it was time for bed! He was okay with a few photos first though, he never minds the camera.

Before Dave and I can get ready for bed though, Frodo goes first!

Brush Your Teeth

When Frodo hears, “Time to brush your teeth!” – he jumps off the bed, runs into the bathroom, and sits in front of the drawers to wait for us.

Toothpaste Yum

Of course, he gets to lick the toothbrush as a reward, and probably doesn’t understand why the yummy toothpaste is applied to his teeth first instead of directly to his tongue. But he goes along with the strange ritual every night and really enjoys it. We enjoy his minty fresh breath afterward (who knew doggie toothpaste comes in vanilla mint?!) and hopefully his teeth will stay healthy for a long time to come.

Wipe Your Face

Frodo’s beard always ends up with quite a bit of toothpaste on it so he appreciates the “Wipe your face!” step in the routine.

Time for Bed

Before long it’s really time for bed so he waits happily for story time.

On a Mission to Civilize

Dave on a Mission

Today began innocently enough…

…until I looked outside our front door and saw something white and fuzzy. I went outside to take a closer look, and on my way back in noticed a lovely Daddy Longlegs right over the front door! So of course I ran inside. Once inside, I didn’t want to go back out, so I let Google find the answer for me. As it turns out, this innocent white fuzzy thing, is a spider egg sac. I took a photo from inside the house (you can see it here).

A bit more research made me realize this was a Level One Alert, because of course there are hundreds of baby spiders that will hatch from an egg, but also – where there is one egg, there are more.

Dave made an emergency trip to Home Depot to get something… appropriate… for the spider(s). Of course, we see spiders outside our home all the time, but an egg sac is not welcome!

Before he headed out to spray, he had to take appropriate precautions. For the Pollen. Without a mask, he can only handle about two to three minutes outside before a sneezing fit overtakes him. So the mask was a necessity.

Preparation for Pollen Invasion

Frodo helped by watching from inside.

View from Inside

Tomorrow we will continue the Spider Eradication Mission, as we plan to destroy the egg sacs found all around the base and eves of the house. Yes, sadly, there are MANY.


A Moment of Solitude

Sharon in Solitude

In an attempt (yet again) at the 365 Project, I decided to try my hand at a selfie for today’s photo. Does it still count if you use a mini tripod and the self-timer feature? I think it does.

I’m not really sure if I’ll be able to keep up with a photo every day, I get a wee bit obsessive about my photos and the quality of my composition. When I first tried the 365 Project I took daily photos for quite a while and really noticed an improvement in my photography, so it’s worth it, I’m just not sure I have the time. But… oh hell, I’m going to try!