2018: My Year in Books

It really doesn’t feel like I read very much this past year, but thankfully, Goodreads helps me keep track! Somehow I managed to read 102 books, so I thought I’d share my favorites from 2018.

2018 My Year in Books

Out of everything I read in 2018, these books are the ones that made me laugh, cry, or think, “Everyone should read this book, everyone!” (the first three books) or, some of these simply took me out of my head for a little while and provided me with complete and total distraction (audiobooks: War Horse, Pet Sematary, and Peter Pan – the narration of these books were absolutely flipping fantastic).

In 2017 read 142 books and shared my favorite reads from the year on Facebook rather than create a blog post, but I mentioned some really fantastic must-read books – so be sure to check out that list too if you’re looking for something to read!

Do you track your books on Goodreads? The 2019 Reading Challenge is now available for the new year!

2 thoughts on “2018: My Year in Books

  1. Looking at my Year in Books on Goodreads is greatly depressing me. 14 books the entire year. Just shameful! 😦 I’m going to pick 4 of your top books and add them to my list for 2019. I have to do better this year! 🙂


    1. Lee, you had an extremely challenging year! Don’t be down on yourself. I just saw your post about the books you read in 2018. If you ever re-read “The Hate U Give” I highly recommend the audiobook. It’s EXCELLENT! Absolutely one of my favorites!


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