Vlogmas 2016 Day 1

Sometimes, I have no idea why I decide to do the things I do. Who decides to take on the hard things until they become the easy things? Me.

For the last several years I had heard about Vlogmas but didn’t really pay attention. For those of you unaware, Vlogmas is an event where Youtube creators upload a new vlog every day in December until Christmas. In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s December. How did that happen?!

Sometime this afternoon I went from, “I’m done with Youtube” (which is a thought I have every day), to, “I’m doing vlogmas!”

I know when I participated in the 365 Project, my photography skills leveled up by leaps and bounds within a single month. It really felt like over 2 months of daily photos increased my skills at speed that normally would have taken two years. Hence, the daily vlog project Рand taking advantage of the fact that vlogmas is a public event that just happens to be starting РNOW.

The biggest issue I have with Youtube is that making videos is really, really hard for me. It is the most unnatural thing I could possibly think of to do, which is why I keep thinking of quitting. But then today, something happened. My Stepson followed me on Youtube. I haven’t even told him about the channel, so this is something he did on his own. And you know what? It makes it really, really hard for me to quit things when my Stepkids are watching. Even when the thing I want to quit is really, really hard. Suddenly, quitting is not an option.

So you know what they say right? Go big, or go home. It’s time to level up. Click Here to see Vlogmas 2016 Day 1!