Impulse Shopping in Bakersfield, California

It’s not what you think, I promise. We were less than 5 miles from our designated stop for the night when the signs on the side of the road started taunting us. It wasn’t even out of our way, we were going to have to pass right BY it.

And it, is the California Fruit Depot. It’s really hard to pass up signs for fresh, locally grown Oranges and Medjool Dates! So of course, we stopped to check it out. We bought as much as we had space for in our kitchenette, and since we just got groceries yesterday, that wasn’t much. But we can always find room for more oranges and dates. And dried fruit. And nuts. Really, it’s awesome, you have to check it out.

California Fruit Depot

For any fellow travelers out there, they had signs declaring RVs & Trucks welcome, so be sure to add this place to your stop if you’re passing through Bakersfield, California!

Tonight we’re hanging our hats at the Desert Palms Mobile Home Park & RV Park, which like I mentioned, is just a few miles away from the California Fruit Depot. It’s a Passport America site which gives 50% off on weekdays (tonight is only $15 – for full hookups – sweet!), and, they sell propane onsite if you need a refill.

When we arrived and checked in I saw they mentioned on the site map they have a dog park. I laughed. Dog Runs or Dog Parks in RV Parks are usually a screened in fence that tends to be somewhere along the size of 6 feet by 6 feet. Well, this place DOES actually have a fenced in area, with grass, big enough where your dog can actually run!

Dog Park

See? I was standing so far away I have to show you a cropped view to see Frodo!

Frodo Close Up

And because we’re in California, this photo seemed appropriate!

Palm Trees

We’ve only been here for a few hours and we’ve gone through half the stash of oranges we just picked up. I wonder if we have time to go back tomorrow…

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