Resting for the Night in Concordia, Kansas

We did it. We really did it. We sold our house, 90% of our belongings, moved into a travel trailer, and migrated NORTH at the start of Fall to make everything legal. We are officially South Dakotans now – woot! My head still spins at the thought of how fast we pulled off this crazy plan. And of course, we work 7 days a week. That part definitely adds to the exhaustion, but everything we are doing is absolutely 100% worth it.

Because South Dakota is a friendly state for full-time RV’ers, we don’t even have to worry about registering our truck or RV right now. We can do that later in a few weeks, remotely. Yes, that’s right! Neither we, nor the vehicle(s), need to be present to complete that part of the moving process (this is yet another reason we choose South Dakota for our Domicile). South Dakota is awesome. It’s also very cold right now, so we left this morning and are spending the night in Concordia, Kansas.

Concordia Kansas

Tonight we are resting at a very tiny Campground at the Airport in Concordia. There are only a few spaces here, but they provide water and electric at a few of them – and it’s FREE (there is a donation box and donations are happily accepted). Oh, and there’s even a fenced in dog park!

If you’re nearby and want to check it out, you can map to the Super Walmart across the street (140 College Dr, Concordia, KS 66901) and you’ll find it. Because this campground is a simple, clean, and FREE place to stay, it’s a great resource if you’re passing through – especially if you need to restock anything since Walmart is here as well.

The temperature is dipping into freezing temperatures again tonight, even here, so in the morning we head out again and continue our southern migration. Cheerio!

Edited to add this beautiful sunset shot Dave captured just after we arrived this evening:
Concordia KS Sunset

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