Rock Port, Missouri: Population 1,318

This afternoon, Dave and I took a work break and drove around Rock Port, Missouri. It was absolutely gorgeous outside, and the wind turbines were gently… generating power. As it turns out, Rock Port was the first city in the United States to be 100% wind-powered! How ’bout that?

Wind Farm

This is an agricultural area and everywhere you look there is land being farmed.


No small town is complete without a General Store.

General Store

And as many folks know, small towns come with (many) small churches.


Every time we explore I spend part of that time with the camera down. I like to just take things as they come and experience being in the place where I am in that moment. I didn’t realize that my camera-free time was when we were in Nebraska! Oops!

While in Nebraska we saw the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Generating Station, which made us immediately wonder about the flood that occurred here in 2011 and what happened to the Nuclear power plant. You can read about that here. Dave thinks Nuclear power plants are interesting, as for me, they make me nervous.

That covers it for Rock Port! We reach a new location tomorrow. Cheerio!

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