How to Ruin a Book Series and Anger Your Fans

Burned by Karen Marie MoningAfter 8 years of reading books on Kindle, I finally understand what makes someone want to throw their Kindle against the wall – or use it to slap the face of the author who destroyed a world they so carefully built.

Burned by Karen Marie Moning, is the 7th book in the Fever series, and the last book by KMM I will read.

This is how you destroy a book series:

Kick off the 7th book with a scene that occurred in Book 1, from the other character’s point of view. Then, throw in some added content that concludes with a memory-erasing spell – of just the new content. Be sure to include something that fully changes your perspective of BOTH characters since the event that occurs never would have happened with the characters as they have been written, yet make sure it serves no purpose and does nothing to move the plot forward. It’s just there for decoration.

Have a strong-willed character who has lived for centuries, and needs nothing, run to the main character, a young 23 year old valley girl – for HELP. Because he needs a lot of help, and she can give it, right?

Give a split personality to another character, that again, was invented in Book 7, and simply make the character the exact opposite of who they were before. Make sure to make her extremely annoying. Nails-on-the-chalkboard annoying.

Shift point of view from one character to another for the entire book. Make sure this doesn’t actually serve any purpose. Just use it because other authors do it. Why not, right? In fact, be sure to give a few chapters to some minor characters who are not relevant to the story. Plot? Who cares about plot?

Don’t worry about details being congruent. For instance, when a character is invisible (again, it doesn’t matter that this type of magic has never happened in the previous books, just go with it), and the character makes a point to tell you that anything she touches or holds is invisible, you don’t need to keep this line of fantasy going. No one is paying attention anymore. So it’s totally okay to have her stand on a scale, and have the scale disappear, yet in the next sentence, read a book. The book doesn’t become invisible because details do not matter, right? Right.

Oh, and be sure to end on your classic cliffhanger, but, to fully make sure your fans never read the next book – use a minor character for nail-bitting-thrilling ending – one we care absolutely nothing about.

Karen Marie Moning, you should be ashamed of yourself.

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