A Look Back

Often, I find myself reviewing photos in my archives to see what I need to do differently the next time I go out to shoot, and, what can be edited again. I love taking photos that are “finished” and giving them an entirely new look. Or, simply making them better since I am always learning about photo processing.

Originally, this photo was just a tree on a Fall day, nothing out of the ordinary. Now I look at it and it reminds me of the warmer, brighter days of fall, due to some very minor revisions.TBT Fall in Asheville

The photo below was just a simple capture, that now looks like a page in a graphic novel. I’m not sure why it speaks to me, but I really love this new version! Perhaps because I have no drawing ability what-so-ever and it’s neat to see I can still create something that looks like it was drawn. At least sort of.Dave in SepiaAnd sometimes, I simply see older photos in a new way that I hadn’t considered during my first round of editing.

Do you revise old photos, or go back and review them for creative adjustments?

2 thoughts on “A Look Back

  1. I’m awful… I just shoot snaps these days on the mobile phone, process the photos quickly through instagram, and then move on. I hardly ever take the camera with me anywhere, and kick myself every time.

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    1. I always want my camera with me, but it’s just not practical. Unfortunately, I sold my Nexus 5 – which had the best camera of any phone I’ve ever had. So I end up with nothing unless I take my camera – which is why most photos take place around my house 😦

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