3 thoughts on “A Dog’s Day

  1. We only have cats – and they are far more bossy about it – there you are, sitting watching TV late at night, and they walk in, straight to you, and might as well say “I’m going to come and sit on you – there’s nothing you can do about it – now get that laptop out of the way right now before I stand on it. It will be easier for both of us.”

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    1. Our dog Frodo has extremely cute ways of being pushy. He’s a very non-vocal dog (barks only on occasion, which tends to turn into happy tail-wagging) – so he often doesn’t know how to get our attention beyond staring. So sometimes, he’ll add some sounds to his playful stares, and… growls! While he’s wagging his body. It’s his “play with me?!” request, and completely irresistible.


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