American Horror Story: Season 1 vs 2 (Review)

Recently, Dave and I discovered the show American Horror Story. We absolutely loved Season 1, but Season 2, well, not so much. Here’s why…


Season 1 – Murder House
In the first episode there are strong references to Horror classics such as The Shining, Rosemary’s Baby, and more. If you’ve ever watched a horror movie at any point in your life, you’ll likely to feel some nostalgia as you watch this season. The use of music is also extremely creative and definitely helps set the tone. The overall feel though is definitely entertainment. Yes, it’s creepy, but it’s also humorous at times – as long as you don’t actually believe in ghosts. The first episode was the creepiest for me, where I had to take time to┬áconsider if I was up to watching more! Curiosity drove me to continue though and I’m glad I did, it was a very fun season to watch.

Season 2 – Asylum
In the second season we are introduced to themes that include a serial killer, aliens, mysterious creatures, and a whole lot of sadistic abuse at an insane asylum. Instead of going for creepy, this season focuses on… torture. Only it wasn’t entertaining, there are way too many plot points that have been lifted from real life making this season disturbing to call entertainment. Instead it almost feels like a twisted version of a history lesson in America showing examples of how the mentally ill have been treated. This is NOT fun.

Even though Dave and I chain-watched Season 1 and enjoyed trying to guess what would happen next, we’re quitting Season 2 half way though and calling it a day. After each episode we have watched from Season 2, we have felt horrible afterward. It’s not at all an enjoyable season to watch.

I’m not giving up on the show as a whole, Season 3 features Witches so I’m hoping it will more closely resemble Season 1 and be more entertaining and less… real.

AHS is one of the most creative shows I’ve ever seen, making use of an Anthology framework by allowing each season to be it’s own full and complete story. The acting is amazing and it’s wonderful to see the actors portray completely new characters and having new ways to enjoy them. And, the musical selection is beyond brilliant. So all in all, I do enjoy the show, but I’d recommend skipping over Season 2!

If you missed the earlier seasons of AHS like we did, you can catch up by watching it via Amazon Instant Video, or watch on DVD/Blu-ray. Here are the direct links: American Horror Story Season 1 & American Horror Story Season 2.

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