Book Review: In the Blood by Lisa Unger

Lisa Unger owes me several hours of lost sleep. There were several nights I stayed up too late reading because I had to keep pushing forward to find out what would happen next in the book In the Blood. This book will do that to you.In the Blood by Lisa Unger

In early 2013 I read Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, and was so overwhelmed by the conclusion I had a serious Book Hangover. After a few days I began to search for books that were similar in any way, and of course, there were none. Gillian Flynn knocked it out of the park with Gone Girl and I was really upset that there was nothing at all like it left to read.

In the Blood was published earlier this year (2014) and it has be the closest match for “… if you liked Gone Girl, you’ll love In the Blood!” No, seriously. It comes really, really, close. It only took a few pages for me to be completely sucked into the story, it’s paced well, and you get a little bit of an insider view from someone other than the main character – in the form of a diary.

What Lisa Unger does well, she does extremely well. She understands people, something that is critical to the author of a psychological thriller. Clearly, she knows her stuff, and she writes characters well. There are a handful of players in this party – only that’s where she went wrong. There were too many psychopaths (or potential psychopaths) in this novel. The book did keep me totally enthralled, and guessing until the end – I only started to figure some of it out just a page or two before it was presented to me. As the ending continued to really lay things on the line though, the plot is taken just a wee bit too far to be plausible, even for fiction.

Lisa Unger kept me well entertained for several days, and eager to pick the book up and continue reading – she just lost me at the end with, “WHAT? No way…” so I’ll give the book a total of 4 stars. However, wow, I really do recommend it for a very entertaining read!

Have you read any In the Blood by Lisa Unger – or any of her other novels? She’s written quite a bit so I’ll be looking at some of her earlier works soon and seeing how they compare.

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