Can’t you just LET IT GO? (Today I Read…)

No? Okay then. You can get the Frozen soundtrack right now for FREE on Google Play – thanks Android Police! I would imagine most people who want this music already have it, but hey, you never know! Lately Google has been giving away a lot of cool things and for some reason I downloaded this. I do not know why…

There’s a crazy Campaign to Prove Shakespeare Didn’t Exist. I have no words for this one…

And, it’s that time of year again. If you plan to set any resolutions, be sure to check out The Anatomy of a New Year’s Resolution from the infamous Ted SpikerPersonally, I love #13, I think that’s a fantastic idea!

Ah, American Horror Story – thank you, so so very much, for making me hear the song Dominique in my head, over, and over, and over. Have you ever wondered WHY they selected this upbeat, cheerful-sounding song? The song isn’t what you think it is, and of course, has a tragic history.

What about you, did you read anything interesting today?

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